Doctor of Engineering, professor, member correspondent of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honourable scientist of Europe
Volga region state university of service, «Information and Electronic Service» chair

Experience and teaching activity: In 2003 I worked as the assistant, then since 2005 the docent of the Tolyatti state university. In 2005 I passed to work as the docent into the Samara state space university of a name of the academician S.P.Koroleva. In 2007 I passed to work into the Tolyatti state university of service, now Volga region state university of service where worked as the docent. Since 2010 I passed to work as the department chair of MGTU of «MAMI». Since 2011 the department chair «Information security and program engineering» RGSU, Moscow. At the moment works as professor of «Information and Electronic Service» chair of Volga region state university and will organize work of the faculty on the direction of grant and international activity. Korneev Nikolay Vladimirovich the winner of competition of 2006 on competition of a grant of the Russian President for the state support of young Russian scientists candidates of science (doctors of science) and their research supervisors of MK-5891.2006.8. Since 2009 Korneev N. V. fulfills duties of the Editor-in-chief of the «Tekhnika mashinostroeniia» magazine.
Since 2010 Korneev Nikolay Vladimirovich is the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (he is chosen the decision of presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences of 14.04.2010), and actively works in the field of improvement and development of public relations of academy, its scientific and innovative potential.
Now on chair under the leadership of Korneev N.V. the school of sciences in the «Complex Information Security Systems and Program Engineering of Technological and Program and Information Decisions for the Sphere of Service» direction is formed.
In 2013 Korneev N. V. was given the status of the Federal expert of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the scientific and technical sphere.
Nikolay Vladimirovich Korneev is the certified specialist of the international company SeachInform with the right of teaching the courses connected with modern information security systems.
Korneev N. V. is a part of an advisory body on coordination of work on training of specialists in the field of information security of Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia across Central Federal District (the protocol No. 1 of April 23, 2012).
Nikolay Vladimirovich Korneev is the member of national technical committee on standardization TK22 «Information technologies» PK 125 «Interrelation of the equipment for information technologies» Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.
Korneev N.V. since 2013 is a part of the international committee Test Technology Technical Council, IEEE.
Sphere of scientific interests: dynamics, vibration reliability, stability of geometry of details of cars, the operating information and telecommunication systems, control systems with use of artificial intelligence, management of social systems, complex technical and technological solutions for the sphere information safety and program engineering.
On December 3, 2009 in the city hall Hanover (Germany) to the Doctor of Engineering Korneev N. V. Prezidium of the European Scientific Organization (Europaische Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft in Hannover) awarded a rank «The honourable scientist of Europe» with delivery of an honourable medal of G.W.Leibniz, for outstanding achievements and a big contribution to development of science, a merit in the organization of scientific researches and a merit in the field of the report of results of scientific researches to data of the general public. Korneev Nikolay Vladimirovich is awarded by the diploma of the rector of Volga region state university of service for scientific activity and a personal contribution to development of science of university, the diploma of the winner of competition on the best scientific book 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013 spent by Fund of Development of National Education of the Russian Academy of Education.

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